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Yazma Rugs offers designers and discerning clients access to the world’s most exquisite artisan rugs and textiles.

We deal exclusively in handwoven Turkish rugs, made with techniques passed down from mother to daughter since the 13th century. Offerings are sourced from trusted female artisans and include a curated selection of silk, wool-silk, and wool rugs.

One woman’s dream—bringing the world’s finest rugs to a selective clientele. Our Story

The Turkish knot remains the gold standard of weaving.

A single rug can include more than a million individual knots, and take its creator months to craft. The finest silk rugs boast more than a thousand knots per inch. The result is at once a unique work of art, a sensory pleasure, and a statement piece for the luxury home.

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For clients seeking a truly one-of-a-kind piece, custom work is available by commission.

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